Comairs christmas disaster bound to fail

Take stock of all your dishes, especially the sides: When Mom took the dressing out of the oven and set it on the stove, she turned her back to direct my sister and me in the peeling a metric ton tons of potatoes. She kept sneaking in and out of the kitchen to offer Mom helpful advice … whether Mom wanted it or not.

According to family lore, Grandma put a pot on the stove for some planned sweet Comairs christmas disaster bound to fail and marshmallow concoction and turned on the wrong burner — the one under the container of dressing.

Speed up the process by giving it a cold-water bath. These may already be enough to provide a hearty meal. We had a precious few more holidays with her, and no holiday moment since has ever inspired the sheer horror and hilarity as The Exploding Dressing Incident.

Give your gravy a boost with a stock cube, a splash of soy sauce, or even Australians do this a dollop of ketchup.

Pour it through a strainer, and discard the lumps. The turkey needed a little more basting. Bulk up your appetizers by setting out plenty of bread, dips crackers, cheese, fresh fruit and nuts. Did I mention that this room was in our house?

Thankfully this one is quite easy to fix: If you still have ingredients in the fridge, see if you can put together a quick salad or an easy roasted vegetable platter. Used to preparing these gargantuan holiday meals herself, Grandma was struggling with the idea that she was not in charge of Operation Loaves and Fishes.

And in the meantime, keep the drinks flowing! By Jane on December 17, at Go slowly and carefully and stop when you get the right consistency. The sweet potatoes needed butter. We happened to sit next to each other and it was very cool spending the day with her.

Christmas Disaster Stories

When they are ready, keep them warm and juicy for hours by wrapping in foil and covering in dish towels or even a beach towel! Lots of steam in the oven from vegetables with high water content causes soggy potatoes, so try to cook them on their own.

Every time someone ate a sausage ball, two more people seemed to show up. Mom asked the uncles to distract her, but apparently, Grandma was wilier than any of us gave her credit for. They should crisp up in no time.

The fastest way to get that bird cooked is to break it down and spread out the pieces on a baking tray. Above all, be totally honest with your guest about the ingredients in each dish.

If they are gummy: My dad and my aunt searched every grocery and gas station until they found the last box of stovetop in western Kentucky.

11 Common Christmas Disasters And How To Fix Them

The rest of the brood came running as Mom fell to her knees and let loose a string of expletives that made an episode of The Sopranos sound like Sesame Street. Arrange the slices on a platter, and pour over with gravy, tah dah! To restore their crispiness and golden hue, take out the other dishes from the oven, and get a lot of hot, dry air circulating before you put them back in.Kitchen disasters can happen to the best of us, and at the worst of times!

Here are our tips for dealing with the most common Christmas culinary kerfuffles. Comair's Christmas Disaster: Bound To Fail Page 2 04/17/ AM to mitigate that risk. But a look inside Comair. Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO, RSA. Taking a threat-centric approach - trying to defend against every threat out there - is a recipe for failure in the.

2. Too much red wine: "One year, our family friends were over for Christmas Eve. After my sisters and I went to bed, our parents and their friends had a bit too much red wine.

Why Threat-Centric Security Is Bound to Fail

Comair's Christmas Disaster: Bound To Fail The crash of a critical legacy system at Comair is a classic risk management mistake that cost the airline $20 million and badly damaged its reputation. Dec 21,  · Patrick Slattery and Mark Collett talk about why the stealth effort by the Zio elites to replace us with vibrant diversity is bound to fail.

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Comairs christmas disaster bound to fail
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