Copy of history of badminton

A Brief History of Badminton

Final Thoughts Modern badminton creation is attributed to England. Low serves are also used frequently, either forehand or backhand. The United States joined four years later. About the Author This article was written by the Healthfully team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

An alternative to double motion is to use a racquet head fake, where the initial motion is continued but the racquet is turned during the hit.

In the midcourt, a high shuttlecock will usually be met with a powerful smash, also hitting downwards and hoping for an outright winner or a weak reply. These nylon shuttles may be constructed with either natural cork or synthetic foam base and a plastic skirt.

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History of Badminton

Many players use a backhand hitting action for returning smashes on both the forehand and backhand sides because backhands are more effective than forehands at covering smashes directed to the body.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Bybadminton had grown to the point where 14 clubs joined to form the Badminton Association. Mixed doubles was introduced at the Games. And spectators are increasingly attracted to the exciting mix of angles, tactics, touch, reaction, and fitness that would exhaust a squash champion.


To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about Healthfully, contact us here. As badminton spread to more countries, the need for an international governing board became apparent. In singles, a block to the net is the most common reply.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message To win in badminton, players need to employ a wide variety of strokes in the right situations. First, the player must turn their back to their opponents, restricting their view of them and the court.

Origins and History of Badminton

Clever opponents will try to reverse the ideal position, by forcing the woman towards the back or the man towards the front. This is more than just a safety concern: A clear space of 4 feet 1.

The club then developed the first set of rules of the game. This is because the male players are usually substantially stronger, and can, therefore, produce smashes that are more powerful. Badminton is also popular in MalaysiaIndonesiaJapanand Denmark.

Singles is a game of patient positional manoeuvring, unlike the all-out aggression of doubles. Play consists entirely of volleying—hitting the shuttlecock back and forth across the net without letting it touch the floor or ground within the boundaries of the court.

For example, a singles player may hold his racquet ready for a net shot, but then flick the shuttlecock to the back instead with a shallow lift when she or he notices the opponent has moved before the actual shot was played. However, most people enjoy this game with slight or no idea at all of its history.

Against weaker players whose intended strokes are obvious, an experienced player may move before the shuttlecock has been hit, anticipating the stroke to gain an advantage.

With very high serves, the shuttlecock may even fall vertically. The IBF was formed in with nine members: These nine countries were the original members of the IBF: Shoes Badminton shoes are lightweight with soles of rubber or similar high-grip, non-marking materials.

Badminton, however, requires powerful lateral movements. When the opportunity arises, however, the pair will switch back to the standard mixed attacking position, with the woman in front and men in the back.History.

Badminton has a cosmopolitan history. The rules of the modern game were developed in England, but it is now Asian countries that dominate the sport. Badminton House. Badminton takes its name from Badminton House - home of the Duke of Beaufort in the English county of Gloucestershire.

A Brief History of Badminton.

History of Badminton Rackets

Badminton By Arman Taher. Badminton is an interesting sport which is played by either one or two players on each side of the court. The objective of the game is to hit the shuttle so that it lands at the opponent’s side of the court without the opponent returning.

The shuttle should go over the net. Badminton, a game that was played in ancient Greece and Egypt, has seen a great deal of change in the years since it was officially adopted by the British in the s. The rackets have changed in shape and composition to help speed up the sport.

Badminton is also popular in Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and Denmark. The BWF’s first world championships were held in A number of regional, national, and zonal badminton tournaments are held in several countries.

The best-known of these is the All-England Championships. Copy of Badminton - Score Sheet - Download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

Explore. History and Development - Games with a shuttlecock are widely believed to have originated in ancient Greece, about years ago where it was played as a child’s game called battledore and shuttlecock. - In the s, the Duke of Beaufort entertained soldiers at his “Badminton House.”.

Copy of history of badminton
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