Education in saudi arabia and the united states of america essay

Arabic, art education, English, geography, history, home economics for girlsmathematics, physical education for boysreligious studies and science Leaving Certificate: Background[ edit ] Saudi education is noted for its religious content. However, a large part of the new curriculum is devoted to religion.

Islamic law, Arabic and social sciences require three years of study. Unfortunately, after we made reservations and got ready to leave, our visas got cancelled.

The highest authority that supervises education in Saudi Arabia is the Supreme Committee for Educational Policy, established in The establishment of secular Western-oriented schools after World War II broke with the traditional Islamic system of education.

S and know more about the lives of the American people. Students scoring 60 percent in all first-year subjects may choose between the two streams. These schools, along with religious institutions of higher education, parallel the secular system.

Men and women in the same workplace is the biggest difference in Saudi and America.

United States vs. Saudi Arabia Educational System Essay Sample

Government also appoints and pays for a qualified director in every private school. As Saudi people living in the USA they will take more time for acting with people there and their traditions, the same as USA people when they will visit Saudi Arabia, it will becoming very strange to them for finding the way in forcing with the new culture and customs.

Saudi students must decide their major from the first year of study. Please contact This I Believe, Inc. Religious Secondary School Duration: Another 93, students 72, male and 21, female were in Intermediate Diploma courses and 1, students 1, male and female were in Higher Diploma course.

However, attendance of kindergartens is not a prerequisite for enrollment of first grade of primary education and kindergartens are not part of the official education ladder. In order to move on to intermediate education, children must pass the examination at the end of Grade 6 of primary school and obtain the Elementary Education Certificate.

As for the secondary education, Regarding to their culture, habits and religious there is also found similarities between the two cultures.

There also exist private colleges, community colleges affiliated to universities, and girls colleges, in addition to government agencies and institutions that provide specialist university-level education.Education continues to be the precedence of all states around the universe.

Countries devote huge resources to guarantee equal chance to analyze for their people. In return. the educated section Read More "Education in Saudi Arabia and the United States of America Essay".

United States Arabia Educational System Educational Systems in Saudi Arabia and United State “A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated” by Horace Mann. Education has been one of the most important things in all nations and it considers one of the main reasons of people and countries development.

The highest authority that supervises education in Saudi Arabia is the Supreme Committee for Educational Policy, established in According to the World Bank database, public spending on education is percent of GDP, and public spending on education as a percentage of government expenditure was percent in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded in and occupies about four-fifths of the Arabian Peninsula.

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It is bordered on the west by the Red Sea; on the north by Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait; on the east by the Arabian Gulf, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman; and on the south by Yemen. This essay shall compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the Saudi Arabian Education system and the Australian Education system.

At the time the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded ineducation was not accessible to everyone and limited to individualized instruction at religious schools in mosques in urban areas. They all reflect an imaginary picture of the United States of America.

First of all, some of the closed minded Saudis in my country think that the U.S is all about crimes and taking control of the Middle East, especially after what happened in 9/

Education in saudi arabia and the united states of america essay
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