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Many young people used music, drugs, politics and alternative lifestyles in search of a better world and to rebel against the older generation to create what came to be known as Essays on 1960 era. Female leaders were on the first line fighting for equal employment rights for women and end of sexual discrimination.

Whites would sit in the back and blacks in the front on the trip from the north to New Orleans. Martin Luther King led sit-ins and protests against segregation beginning on April 3, The Civil Rights Movement was marked by public uprisings against segregation and the fortitude of Black-Americans to achieve equal rights among the whites.

Joseph McCarthy, a American politician and a U. These had adverse effects on the economy of the United States.

The McCarthy Era of 1945 - 1960

Many hippies used and sold drugs, seeing them as "a short cut to reality. However, these acts were necessary for the advancement of our nation in many aspects and helped accomplish the freedoms enjoyed today. The drugs used included, but were not limited to, LSD, marijuana, hashish, mescaline, and peyote.

Kennedy on 22 November This decade Essays on 1960 era freedom rides, sit-ins and protest marches staged by different groups for the better part of the decade.

His campaign spread to Eastern Europe McCarthy who was born on May 2, Also dealing with public transportation were "The Freedom Rides. TIME, Some military leaders estimated that marijuana was smoked by as many as half of the soldiers below the rank of captain.

Hostility was faced along the way, as in Montgomery, Alabama, where an uprising occurred and President Kennedy felt it necessary to enforce Martial Law. We are not part of the system you have created and messed up! Also, sedatives and stimulants were abused. Inthe United States was concerned with the threat of ccommunism.

It was referred to as the cultural decade. Although the "ride" never made it to New Orleans, they forced the Kennedy Administration to take a stand against civil rights and segregation was outlawed in interstate bus travel. It was a decade marked by many changes especially in the social and the political arenas.

The Dark Side of s The decade was marked by many assassinations. Just like any other decade, it had its bright side and the dark side. McCarthyism was the act accusations were called McCarthyism. The McCarthy Era was when there were many widespread accusations and investigations of suspected Communist activities in the United States.

The decade saw a lot of relaxation in the taboos and came to be deemed as the Swimming Sixties. InPresident Harry S. The counterculture lifestyle integrated many of the ideals of the time: Children refused to attend school and stayed in parks.

The 1960's - an Era of Discord

Government agencies used the list as a guide to help determine the loyalty of employees and of people seeking jobs.

Several organizations had developed in the early sixties and those young people who opposed Vietnam could express their opinions in these such groups. SDS used student strikes, mass demonstrations, and propaganda as tactics to express their extreme left beliefs.

The 1960's – an Era of Discord

Edgar Hoover announced that there were 55, party members andsympathizers active within the U. In solitary confinement, King wrote the highly influential, "Letter from Birmingham Jail," further encouraging protests.

It was during this decade that there was the cold war. The decade came to be denounced as having had a lot of responsibilities and a decade of social decay. Ti is during this decade that there were significant changes and reforms in the social aspects. In McCarthy started and conducted a militant anti-Communist campaign.

However, there were many hardships and drastic events leading to this final accomplishment. There was also the Vietnam War, which entered the sixties having begun in the late fifties. Most hippies were too drug oriented to feel any sense of urgency beyond the moment Thompson, Hunter page Christopher Booker described this decade as a Jungian nightmare.However, during the ’s, America saw a popular form of art known as protest music, which responded to the social turmoil of that era, from the civil rights movement to the war Show More More about Life During the ’s Essay.

The s Essay; The s Essay. Words: Pages: 8. Open Document. The ’s The ’s were a time of radical change. It was a decade where people began to question authority, and time of confrontation. The 60s were when the children of a post war era began to mature and influenced by the Australian cultural landscape and.

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Essays on 1960 era
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