Graphic design studio case study

The color palette also echoed the colors chosen for UI design and supported them with smooth gradients. Pencil sketching, markers, Adobe Illustrator Designing the logo for the online photo editor with a wide set of tools.

Designing logo and branding elements for the online photo editor Ribbet by Tubik Studio. Build an understanding of how the creative process is used as a problem-solving method. Another map of Detroit with pinpointed locations.

The teams are assigned projects that are intended to walk them through the creative process as a problem-solving method, and to help students develop smart communication solutions.

Some cars required deep attention to the small details. Brainstorming session in Tubik Studio The final image of a frog animated for a preloader on the site In addition, there was created a simple and rounded variant of a frog image which could be used together with the lettering or independently.

Most of the ALPOM team members work remotely, and most of them are seasoned veterans in marketing, branding and graphic design.


So, the task was to create a unique logo which company could use in all its products and social networks profiles. Driving on the perfect surface may seem boring so the obstacles are a good way to entertain users. The program has a 98 percent retention rate, with numerous repeat students who continue to be challenged by the projects and process.

The third key challenge is teaching design in a very limited amount of time. This version of browser or your proxy is outdated and not secure.

Case Study: Shout: A High School Design Studio

What are the best people, places and things in Detroit? The slight gradient effect and the shadows make the illustrations vivid and contrasting. The target audience as well as the nature of the product is quite specific so more abstract version of the logo could show more flexibility in its expressive potential.

It is aiming at developers as its basic target audience. More Case Studies For those, who are interested to see more practical case studies with creative flows for a logo and identity design, here is the set of them. It is also important to remember that user interface of an application or a website is not just a sort of static or moving images — it is the field of active interaction.

How would you like to improve your community? Learn More Quick Links. The car on the left shows the nitro effect, and the right one — the shield. The goal was to help support Detroit high school art programs by giving students additional opportunities to discover how creativity can be used to communicate, and to help the students develop their art and design skills.

They include the speed up and shield features as well as some rockets to damage enemy cars. Become aware of how design has been used in communities to build awareness and promote issues. Those who played this kind of games know that the most common feature is a speed-up, also known as nitro.

The set of potential variants included diverse variants from strict and straight to smooth and curvy. Also, some of the weapons could slow down the other cars for a certain time. The task became more distinct: Finally, the font was chosen to provide a good combination with the fonts of the app interface.

It is natural as the logo was based at purely original and uniquely created lettering. After team brainstorming and discussions with the client, the creative process started.Case Study: Shout: A High School Design Studio.

Shout: A High School Design Studio.

Case Study: Real Racing. Graphic Design for a Mobile Game

Duration “Shout” is unique because most high school graphic design programs focus more on the formal aspects of the discipline, as well as software and technology, and less on design as a problem-solving method.

Case study on logo design. Designing logo and branding elements for the online photo editor Ribbet by Tubik Studio.

Design Case Study: LunnScape. Identity for a Landscape Company

From sketches to final lettering and image. You could already read our previous case study, in which we told about UX/UI design for the Echo project. This time we are going to show the. 75 Instructive Design Case Studies. 20 min read; Inspiration “Whitney Graphic Identity,” Experimental Jetset In this case study of the Whitney Museum of Art’s logo, “Designing a New Playground Brand,” Ryan Bannon This case study shows the design process of Playground’s new brand.

It covers the logo, overall website and. Case Study: SwiftyBeaver. Designing Logo. In our previous case study we told you the story of UI and UX design for SwiftyBeaver describing the design process in detail and supporting it with the.

Case Study: Real Racing. Graphic Design for a Mobile Game. This case study shows a step-by-step process of graphic design for the mobile game. Tubik Studio. We are a comprehensive digital agency specializing in UI/UX design and development of websites and mobile applications, animation, graphic design and branding.

A practical case study featuring the graphic design workflow for the logo and corporate identity made by Tubik team for a USA-based landscape company LunnScape.

Graphic design studio case study
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