Intermediate i year model question papers

Life insurance helps to ensure a decent burial or cremation on death a Only statement A b Only statement B c Both statements d Neither of the statement An insurance agent may be sued under Consumer protection act Statement B: The insurer may refuse to issue a new policy if an earlier one is paid up.

Which of the following skill is required to influence the other person to do something? The attachment to a policy to indicate that the standard policy terms and conditions have been modified is called ————— a clause b endorsement c rider d condition They had studied science in their previous classes meanwhile Intermediate i year model question papers institutes i.

These are the some reasons they take chemistrybiophysics or mathematics are most complicated subjects. To whom should license be paid? The proposal form should be filled by the proponent himself, unless he is illiterate. A person, normally uninsurable, can be covered under a group insurance policy.

From the following particulars, calculate paid up value: The questions in the proposal form and personal statement are material and relevant a without exception b mostly c only partly d rarely 5. When a prospect wanted to know what the agent would get out of the sale of insurance, he said that that was a confidential matter.

The nature of employment may be a factor to dispense with medical examination.

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What criteria are relevant to compare different savings plan? The maturity proceeds in case of a policy financed by HUF will be paid to ———- a karta b life assured c nominee d none of these The skill required to explain in a manner that the other person understands is ———— a Persuasiveness b Explanatory c Convincing d Communication The deduction allowed in income tax because of amounts paid towards life insurance premium Profident fund, etc is called ————— a Concession b Decuction c Reduction d Rebate The behaviour of an agent who makes critical marks about his company is ————- a Clever b Non-professional c Professional d Efficient The process of recording the correct age of person insured is called ———- a Age admission b Verifications c Proof of age d Certification Which risk is covered by annuity?

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What is paid by the insurer when the policyholder decides to discontinue the policy? The Consumer protection act does not apply to government companies.

A proposal is dated The agent had the habit of greeting all his policyholders in the same town, on their birthdays and give them attractive presents.

Which information, if not disclosed, can nullify the policy? Loans under an insurance policy are repayable ———— a In a lumpsum b By adjustment with claim c In installments d any of the above Insurance is possible only if the event concerned happens by random.

Disablity benefits may arise because of ————- a Sickness b Old age c Loss of limbs d Any of the above When a person dies, no expense is incurred on him. An agent insisted that all his policyholders should send the premium cheque to him, so that he could ensure that delays did not happen through oversight.The Students Who are Study in the Telugu English Medium AP Senior Intermediate / 2nd Inter or Final Inter the Students Can Download the Previous Exams Old Question Papers for intermediate final year Sample or model Papers.

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Latest Update – The Uttara Pradesh Secondary Education Board will be released UP Intermediate Previous year Question paper on the official website.

Intermediate i year model question papers
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