Iron triangles assignment

At one corner of the triangle are interest groups constituencies. The result is a three-way, stable Iron triangles assignment that is sometimes called a sub-government because of its durability, impregnability, and power to determine policy.

An agency may seek out those groups within its policy jurisdiction that will make the best allies and give it the most clout within the political arena.

Private or special interest groups, on the other hand, possess considerable power as they tend to be well-organized, have plenty of resources, are easily mobilized, and are extremely active in political affairs, through votingcampaign contributionsand lobbyingas well as proposing legislation themselves.

Iron triangle (US politics)

Dynamics[ edit ] In the United States, power is exercised in the Congress, and particularly in congressional committees and subcommittees. That public administration may result in benefiting a small segment of the public in this way may be viewed as problematic for the popular concept of democracy if the general welfare of all citizens is sacrificed for very specific interests.

Apparent bureaucratic dysfunction may be attributable to the alliances formed between the agency and its constituency. This is especially so if the legislation passed neglects or reverses the original purpose for which the agency was established.

Large segments of the public have diffused interests, seldom vote, may be rarely or poorly organized and difficult to mobilize, and are often lacking in resources or financial muscle.

By aligning itself with selected constituencies, an agency may be able to affect policy outcomes directly in these committees and subcommittees. An iron triangle can result in the passing of very narrow, pork-barrel policies that benefit a small segment of the population.

Occupying the third corner of the triangle are bureaucrats, who are often pressured by the same powerful interest groups their agency is designated to regulate. The official goals of an agency may appear to be thwarted or ignored altogether at the expense of the citizenry it is designed to serve.

At another corner sit members of Congress who also seek to align themselves with a constituency for political and electoral support. Some maintain that such arrangements are consonant with and are natural outgrowths of the democratic process, since they frequently involve a majority block of voters implementing their will through their representatives in government.

The picture above displays the concept. Central assumption[ edit ] Central to the concept of an iron triangle is the assumption that bureaucratic agencies, as political entities, seek to create and consolidate their own power base.

What Is the Iron Triangle?

This is where an iron triangle may manifest itself.View Homework Help - Iron Triangles - McDaniel from GOVERNMENT AP Governm at Athens High School. with the Veterans of Foreign Wars because their ability to work together will benefit them%(5). “The Iron Triangle” is a small-scale exploratory piece of research that adds another dimension to this work by exploring the perspective of college and university presidents.

It examines the views of more than two dozen presidents who shared their thoughts with us in lengthy, one-on-one. Start studying The "Iron Triangle"- AP Government. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Iron Triangle / Interest Groups Extra Credit Assignment

Iron Triangles Assignment 1. First, go here to get the definition for iron triangles. Rewrite this definition in your own words.

2. Then, go here to find out about committees in general. Video: The Iron Triangle: Definition, Theory & Examples The iron triangle is a unique relationship between bureaucracy, congressmen, and lobbyists that results in the mutual benefit of all three.

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Iron triangles assignment
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