Pay it forward essay example

Altruism, Social Responsibility and Codependency When performing an act of kindness, one must be careful in which how he or she performs the act and how often he or she gives aid to an individual.

Eventually, I had to distance myself from her, and told her she needed to learn how to problem solve for herself; she became angry with me and our friendship ended.

I have had a five year experience with an individual who was completely codependent; this individual was a friend of mine and her codependency cost us our friendship.

When an individual does something nice or caring for another, the individual receiving the kindness generally feels the need to give back; it moves recipients to share and increase the act of kindness they have received. Granted, not all acts of random kindness are altruistic; however, this does not necessarily mean they are selfish either.

The mother began to tell me that she has applied for those resources but has never heard anything back from the agency; I gave her my number and told her to give me a call and I would do my best to advocate for her.

When I checked up on her, I found out she had received food assistance, job assistance and housing assistance. Random acts of kindness may be performed by individuals with altruistic intentions who are also satisfying whether they know it or not a deeper psychological need; for example, I helped the woman in the grocery store not only because I was deeply concerned for the welfare of her and her family, but because I know what it is like to be in that particular situation with no help or access to resources.

Codependent individuals have difficulty problem solving for themselves, being alone, or being self sufficient in general; this is due to many factors which include mental instability, not developing the appropriate skills to become self sufficient, and the consistency of others always providing for them.

I then bought her groceries and told her not to worry about it. Altruism should definitely be a guideline when performing a random act of kindness; but the act does not need to be completely altruistic.

The individual performing the act may want money, or sexual favors; however, this is a worst case scenario. Being a good Samaritan in itself is an act of kindness; one is not obligated to stop and help in an emergency and in most cases, individuals walk away.

So long as the act of kindness is not damaging and is performed to help another individual; then it may not be of importance if the individual believes it to be altruistic. Part of my job at Partners in Housing is to help advocate for individuals who need specific resources but are not certain how to go about applying for them; the woman called the next day and I began the process of advocating for her.

Conclusion A random act of kindness does not need to be one of bravado or show; it does not need to involve monetary means or gain.

Pay It Forward

As we talked I could see her stress levels rise; I made her aware of various government and state resources that I was certain she would qualify for. I cannot completely say that every act of random kindness performed is altruistic the act usually benefits both parties in some manner or another ; however, I can say that most acts of random kindness I have seen performed have altruistic intensions the individual may not realize he or she is satisfying a psychological need.

Remember that acts of random kindness must not be obligatory or overwhelming; this can make the individual not want to help anymore. Some individuals can become or already are codependent and heavily rely on others to provide for them in one manner or another emotional, financial, food or habitual.

On the other hand, an individual can perform a random act of kindness that is seemingly altruistic, but is only doing so to benefit from the act; the price of the act is generally more than the individual receiving can afford. If making an individual happy for a moment or a day brightens your day, then the act has a positive impact on both parties involved; however, if the act has no basis of altruism, then it can have a negative impact on one or both parties.

Unfortunately, in some instances, an act of kindness can turn negative if the recipient is not open to receiving; the Good Samaritans law assists individuals with helping others without repercussions.

Random acts of kindness have the potential to reward the individual giving as well as the individual receiving; so long as the act of kindness does not become obligatory or overwhelming, it can enrich the lives of the individuals involved.

It is best when the act is rewarding and satisfying to both parties involved. Whether an act of kindness is altruistic has been a topic of debate for years and more so now.Pay It Forward: Paying for a Meal Brandi K. Keller PSY/ October 27, Edna Foster Pay It Forward: Paying for A Meal Paying it forward is an act that allows a person to do a good deed, without anything feelings or other actions in return.

Pay It Forward essaysReaction Paper to the Movie: Pay It Forward Mimi Leder directed the film "Pay It Forward". The story is about a boy named Trevor. He was the son of a single mother, Arlene McKinney. To pay it forward means to do something for three other people that they can't do for themselves.

Then hopefully those three people will each help three more. This is how it is supposed to work/5(4). Trevor initiate “Pay it Forward” movement, and he does a favor for three people and ask each of them to doing favors for three other people and so on, which will like a branch tree of good deeds.

The movement will be like a relay race, which more and more people will be involved in and will expand more widely. Pay It Forward (film) Pay It Forward is a American drama film based on the novel of the same name by Catherine Ryan Hyde.

It was directed byMimi Leder and written by Leslie Dixon. It was directed byMimi Leder and written by Leslie Dixon. Pay It Forward An act of kindness can develop values for both the person receiving the aid and the person offering the support as well as community development.

Pay it forward essay example
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