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How are the lines supposed to look across the body? Partners took turns discussing and explaining their editing suggestions. The new partner actively reviewed the essay using the checklist.

Who was their most likely intended audience? Ensure that writers have organized their essays in a consistent, logical way Just like when we are editing our own writing, there are two types of peer editing college essay doc that we should consider when reviewing the work of others - editing for content and editing for mechanics.

Bolton as sources and changed her conclusion: Redoubling their review efforts widened their critiquing skills and allowed for an expanded audience for their ideas and essays. Our job is simply to make the suit fit correctly on the customer - the way we must assume the original designer envisioned it would fit on people who purchased it.

What is the mood of the outfit? When students get genuine reactions and specific suggestions from two points of view, they can revise their work to satisfy a wider audience. If I had tried to use the traditional response group, readers review the material in advance of the meeting, the writer reads aloud to the group and perhaps asks the group what she wants to know about her piece, and then responders take turns critiquing the work as others listenstudents would have been intimidated by a group critique and certainly would not have had the skills necessary for effective review.

The second set of partners took turns discussing and explaining their editing suggestions. Although going through the peer review process twice was time consuming, it was time well spent.

What are the main points? For example, if both reviewers pointed out the same errors or suggested a different way to approach a topic, the student could be reasonably assured that they needed to heed the advice. She is also an adjunct faculty member in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Massachusetts—Lowell, where she teaches in the reading and language arts program.

By using this pairing technique, students ended up working with different partners almost every time. There are some questions we should try to answer when reviewing the piece: Editing for content tends to be the more difficult of the two when we are looking at the work from other writers.

How did they expect the piece to fit? Candice, a struggling writer, was defending her right to choose abortion when she wrote, "I would disagree with using the word murder because it is for a good reason, which is to save the mother.

Her essay became much better for it; in fact, this was to be her best essay for the semester.

What is the mood of the piece? For some students, as Hansman and Wilson found, "asking a peer in the classroom to critique their writing was something unfamiliar. This emphasized the importance of the editing phase—for which reviewers received a grade—and also reminded the author of who to ask for clarification of an editing suggestion.

One student commenting on the process said she learned that writing "is never really finished" and that it is "more than sitting down and typing.

The biggest benefit will be in helping you avoid those same mistakes in your own writing. Partners took turns reading their work aloud to each other. Reviewers signed the bottom of the checklist. Doresa Jennings Doresa holds a Ph.

Students took both checklists and the reviewed copies of their own essays with them to revise the final copy. She needed both the content developed as well as the mechanics corrected.

Peer Review Times Two

Researchers and practitioners agree that peer response helps writers improve their essays Goldberg, et al. The same is true when editing the work of others.

Wade and Doe vs. Having two peer editors also offered each student the chance for a quality review, even if one partner might be "less able. Once students found that the process was helpful to them, they readily took part.

The second reviewer signed the bottom of checklist. This is what I had them do: They exchanged a second clean copy of their essay with their new partner. Using one-on-one partnerships allowed students to become familiar with the process of critiquing.

The partner reading aloud made corrections to his or her essay while reading aloud. The students came to class prepared with two typed copies of what my class began to call their "first final draft. Candice had just the right two editors for her essay.Admissions Essays • Applying to College The College Essay Editing Checklist.

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Peer Editing: How to Edit Essays By Other Writers

7 months ago. There are really 4 steps to writing the college essay. The first is thinking about how to answer the application essay prompt, the second is writing the first draft, the third is the editing stage, and the fourth is polishing your last.

College Essay Peer Editing. Does the opening hook the reader? By the end of the introduction, do we know the focus/main idea of the essay? 3. Does the introduction set a compelling and/or interesting tone and establish the voice of the speaker? Peer Editing checklist name _____ essay topic _____ 1.

Organization Introduction Introduction begins with an attention grabber or hook. Does the opening paragraph contain a thesis sentence that describes what the essay hopes to achieve?

Is the paper organized in a logical. Our essay editors specialize in college application essay editing, academic essay editing, editing, cover letter editing and scholarship essay editing.

GradeSaver subjects your work to the highest standards and is committed to. The Center for Writing and Speaking • McCain Library • W NO. 44 IN THE CENTER FOR WRITING AND SPEAKING HANDOUT SERIES Peer Editing paper, you’ve participated in peer editing.

Here are some questions to ask when looking at a thesis-driven essay, the most common type of college writing assignment.

Peer editing college essay doc
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