Perform reconnaissance

Report the above information to the commander directing the zone reconnaissance, to include providing a sketch map or overlay. Evaluate and classify all bridges, defiles, overpasses, underpasses, and culverts in the zone.

Reconnaissance elements frequently operate in locations distant from their organic sustaining base. It can be terrain-oriented, force-oriented, or both, as it acquire this information by reconnoitering within—and by maintaining surveillance over—routes, obstacles to include nuclear-radiological, biological, and chemical contaminationand resources within an assigned location.

This allows for added capabilities, speed and equipment never before found within an LRSD. Stealthy reconnaissance emphasizes avoiding detection and engagement by the enemy. To the contrary, passive recon can be one of the most useful and unobtrusive Perform reconnaissance of data gathering for any penetration test or security assessment.

The COLT provides additional observation, lazing, and fire coordination capabilities. Considerations for organizing a zone reconnaissance are the same as for organizing a route reconnaissance except that Perform reconnaissance subordinate units, rather than just one unit, operate abreast during the zone reconnaissance.

For example, joint surveillance target attack radar system JSTARS and Guardrail-equipped aircraft can cover large areas and cue ground reconnaissance or UAVs once an enemy force is identified.

Sanitary epidemiological reconnaissance implies collection and transfer of all data available on sanitary and epidemiological situation Perform reconnaissance the area of possible deployment Perform reconnaissance action of armed forcesthe same data for the neighboring and enemy armed forces.

This reconnaissance is routinely conducted in support of future strike or special light infantry operations. Locate and determine the extent of all contaminated areas in the zone. RSTA units provide target detection and acquisition in some cases, eliminationand real-time intelligence and surveillance.

Identifying People — Identifying names, email addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information can be valuable for pretexting, phishing or other social engineering activities. A scout platoon can conduct a route reconnaissance over only one route at a time.

Since the need for reconnaissance cuts across all parts of the operational framework and core functions, reconnaissance operations demand an integrated approach to planning, preparation, and execution.

As a result, units attempting to conduct stealthy reconnaissance must also be drilled to react correctly once the enemy makes contact, and they must have immediate access to supporting fires. When more than one asset covers the same NAI, a backup is available in the event that one asset cannot reach the NAI in time, the first asset suffers mechanical failure, or the enemy detects and engages the first asset.

While specifically trained and equipped units usually conduct the other forms of reconnaissance operations, any maneuver force can conduct a RIF. Seabee Engineer Reconnaissance Team on a mission to determine if a bridge can be used to support troop and convoy movements Route reconnaissance is oriented on a given route: We can do this with: This area may include a town, a ridgeline, woods, an airhead, or any other feature critical to operations.

In an armored cavalry squadron of an armored cavalry regiment, the tank company normally performs this task. Mixing systems can also help uncover deception attempts by revealing discrepancies in information reported by different collectors.

When time is limited, air reconnaissance is essential to determine which areas are clear of enemy forces and obstacles, and to cue ground reconnaissance regarding where to focus its efforts.

If a unit conducts a zone reconnaissance out of supporting range of the main body, the commander ordering the zone reconnaissance provides the reconnaissance unit with adequate fire support assets that can move with the reconnaissance unit. The commander assigns a zone reconnaissance mission when he needs additional information on a zone before committing other forces in the zone.

Dismounted reconnaissance cannot complete the mission within existing time constraints, while mounted reconnaissance can.


Terrain is relatively open. Generating many unfocused missions rapidly wears down assets, making them ineffective. Area reconnaissance can thus be a stand-alone mission or a task to a section or the platoon. Determining the location and disposition of enemy main positions. If we can figure out what this threshold is and stay below it, we can run our reconnaissance scan without being blocked and without triggering an alert.

The force conducting a RIF is organized as if it is conducting offensive operations. Place unattended ground sensors, navigational beacons, and electronic target designation devices.

This information is used to assist in formulation of the U. In reconnaissance-pull, the commander uses the products of the IPB process in an interactive and iterative way.

Passive Reconnaissance

Zone[ edit ] Zone reconnaissance focuses on obtaining detailed information before maneuvering their forces through particular, designated locations. He must then issue further guidance on which tasks the unit must complete or the Perform reconnaissance of tasks, which is usually clear from the reconnaissance objective.Perform a Target Reconnaissance 05 - Engineers (Collective) Platoon Perform a Technical Reconnaissance 05 - Engineers (Collective) Platoon Support a Tactical Reconnaissance 05 - Engineers (Collective) Platoon Perform an Initial Infrastructure Assessment 05 -.

Perform reconnaissance operations employing a full range of night observation devices, infrared detection devices, unattended early warning sensors, and photographic equipment. Collect combat information to satisfy priority information requirements and mission-essential elements of information.

Perform Reconnaissance and Probing Using Zenmap GUI (Nmap) Lab Assessment Questions & Answers 1. Name at least five applications and tools pre-loaded on the TargetWindows01 server desktop, and identify whether that application starts as a service on the system or must be run manually.

Perform Reconnaissance & Gather Intelligence / Rod Pinkston The purpose or objective of performing reconnaissance (recon) and gathering intelligence (intel) is to document exact feral pig populations, pattern their travel, understand their behavior and select the most strategic bait site.

Some branches, such as the Corps of Engineers and the Chemical Corps, have specific reconnaissance tasks to perform that complement the force's overall reconnaissance effort. Reconnaissance is a mission to obtain information by visual observation or other detection methods, about the activities and resources of an enemy or potential enemy, or about the meteorologic, hydrographic, or geographic characteristics of a particular area.

Perform reconnaissance
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