Rural marketing an untapped potential

Rural marketing is a process of planning, and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchange for rural segments that satisfy individual and organizational objectives.

There is a huge opportunity in this segment.

Rural Marketing: Introduction, Concept and Definitions

The concept of rural markets in India is still in evolving shape, and the sector pages a variety of challenges.

The customer is highly need based and they do not order things which are of little use. Conceptually, rural marketing is not significantly different to urban marketing. The respondents operate rather small coworking space in size, between and m2 on average.

Moreover, road connectivity in the rural regions is better in Punjab followed by KP. Download the full Small towns and rural Coworking Survey By leaving your email address in the box, here above, you agree to receive information about our future publications and surveys. To effectively tap the rural market a brand must associate it with the same things the rural consumers do.

Rural Marketing: It’s Potential, Importance, Problems and Distribution Strategy

Rural Marketing means to produce products goods and services for the rural customers and to make necessary arrangement to supply them.

The companies have noticed that there has been high demand of goods such as electronics and utensils from the villages.

Rural marketing is an evolving concept, and as a part of any economy, has untapped potential; marketers have realized the opportunity recently. However, the coverage relating to marketing is inadequate. Many languages and dialects: The sales of motorcycles in the rural regions are higher than urban centers.

By ignoring the rural market the quality producers are in fact limiting their market size. The general insurance companies may promote their policies of health insurance, crop insurance and vehicle insurance through the existing co-operatives.

Moreover, so far, the opportunity for larger organizations to use small town located coworking spaces as satellite offices is widely unnoticed. Several Co-operative banks and public sector banks offer the loan facility to the rural people at low-interest rates.

In rural marketing, a firm has to undergo marketing efforts to satisfy rural segments, which notably differ from urban segments in some aspects. Mokrin House Serbia is an example of a very successful coworking project located in the countryside.

Reminder Coworking spaces play a key role revitalizing small towns and rural areas bringing the talent back. Civilization always begins with the development of villages, therefore, if needs high concentration — Mahatma Gandhi.

These are the biggest online retail stores of the country and they have increased their revenue many times with the coverage of cities, towns and now the villages. Now some larger brands are establishing their shops in semi urban and rural areas along the main highways.

Some districts in Punjab, Haryana and the Western U. Marketing efforts remain same, only important aspect is type of buyers. Rural buyers like to follow the urban pattern of living.

Vast cultural diversity, vastly varying rural demographics, poor infrastructure, low income levels and low levels of literacy often tend to lower the presence of large companies in the rural markets. Many successful brands have shown high note of failure in the rural markets because the marketers try to extend marketing plans that they use in urban areas.

Marketers must trade off the distribution cost with incremental market penetration. The unique consumption pattern, tastes, and need of the rural consumers should be analysed at the product planning stage so that they match the needs of the rural people. Marketers have to locate over million rural Indian and finding them in not easy.

Marketers targeting the rural market should be well aware about the seasonality of the business. However, only the large manufactures can adopt this channel.

The goods and services providers target urban markets because the average affluence is higher. In some locations, these companies use their own delivery services, however, at most of the places third party delivery is used which includes postal service as well.

They have a combine experience that revolves around Advertisement, rural activation, brand activation, semi-urban marketing, outdoor advertisement, digital marketing, and corporate branding. Reducing the product features in order to lower prices is a dangerous game to play.

The businessmen must realize that in order to attain economies of scale and enlarge their market share they would have to develop products suiting the rural communities.

Rural Marketing

The market for consumer goods that comprise of both durable and non-durable goods ii.Rural Marketing in India: It’s Potential, Importance, Problems and Distribution Strategy! Rural marketing involves addressing over million potential consumers and over 40 per cent of the Indian middle income.

No wonder, the rural markets have been a vital source of growth for most companies. The rural India is a fascinating sector for all the eCommerce companies owing to the factor that return rate is almost zero in these locations.

* Untapped potential: it offers a great chance for different branded goods as well as services for large number of customers. It is estimated by HLL that out of 5 lakh villages in India, only lakh has been taped so far, which goes on to indicate the market potentials of the rural market.

Rural marketing is an evolving concept, and as a part of any economy, has untapped potential; marketers have realized the opportunity recently. Improvement in infrastructure and reach, promise a bright future for those intending to go rural.

Rural marketing is an evolving concept, and as a part of any economy has untapped potential; marketers have realized the opportunity recently. Improvement in infrastructure and reach, promise a bright future for those intending to go rural. LAHORE: Country’s rural markets, which, without a doubt, have a huge untapped potential for growth, are almost nowhere on the radars of the big goods and services providers, while the shrewd or perhaps street-smart mobile and motorcycle makers, having realised the benefits of exploiting both rural and urban consumers equally, are .

Rural marketing an untapped potential
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