Textbook exercises

Check out these not so typical ways to do book exercises in class.

You may want to take a minute to review the game rules with your students. One student goes first. All you will need is the textbook exercise and a coin for every two people.

In this game, the higher your roll, the harder the game becomes. On their turns, students must decide how difficult of a question they want to answer. You just might find out with this simple and risk-taking way to answer questions from the text book. That way you get a speaking activity as a bonus.

And if you are interested in more, you should follow our Facebook page where we share more about creative, non-boring ways to teach English. But sometimes doing exercises from the book can be just plain boring. If they answer incorrectly, that number of points is subtracted from their score.

What would you take with you on vacation? This way of doing an exercise will take longer than the traditional taking turns answering, but it Textbook exercises a whole lot more fun. Whoever won more Textbook exercises of tic-tac-toe wins the activity.

This activity works best with textbook activities that feature open ended questions. Then they must answer a question from the book. He will have to answer question number one — if the toss of the coin tells him to. Students will race to score fifteen points.

The best situation would be to have students play in groups of four or fivebut you can also play as an entire class. They score points by answering one of the textbook questions. The first person who gets to the end goal wins.

Everyone wants to be the winner, after all. If they answer correctly, they score the points — from one to five — depending on what question they chose. If she answers correctly, she can put an X or an O on the board.

One point for the easy questions in group one, five points for the hardest questions in group five, etc. You can also tie a cultural element to the activity by asking students to bring a coin from their home currency. Then the next person must answer a question.

The categories represent how difficult each question is to answer. Put students in pairs and give them each a coin or have them use their own. To play, students roll the die on their turn and move that many spaces. Students go through the motions, but how much effort are they really putting into what they do?Read this essay on Textbook Exercises.

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. If you have a book exercise that you want your students to do with a partner, try this simple fix.

All you will need is the textbook exercise and a coin for every two people. Put students in pairs and give them each a coin or have them use their own. One student goes first. Overload Principle: Principle of exercise and fitness; applying more load or stress than the body is accustomed to for adaption to occur.

Static Stretching: Fixed or stationary flexibility exercise. Taking a limb to a point of tension and holding the stretch for a period of time.

Use the drop menus below to access exercises in other Chapters and Sections. Learning Programming with Python Exercises server as a primary or optional textbook under the. Accessing and Performing the Geosoft‐based Exercises The exercises in the textbook require a special edition of Geosoft's OM software.

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Textbook exercises
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