The impact of excreta disposal into

A less scientifically rigorous but nonetheless professionally significant indicator of the impact on health of poor sanitation was provided inwhen readers of the BMJ British Medical Journal voted sanitation the most important medical milestone since [6].

One gram of fresh faeces from an infected person can contain around viral pathogens, — bacterial pathogens, protozoan cysts or oocysts, and 10— helminth eggs [9].

This paper focuses on sanitation. This is one article in a four-part PLoS Medicine series on water and sanitation. Improved sanitation has significant impacts not only on health, but on social and economic development, particularly in developing countries. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are properly credited.

Of human excreta, faeces are the most dangerous to health. Contributed to the writing of the paper: At any given time close to half of the urban populations of Africa, Asia, and Latin America have a disease associated with poor sanitation, hygiene, and water [8].

It seeks to present the latest evidence on the provision of adequate sanitation, to analyse why more progress has not been made, and to suggest strategies to improve the impact of sanitation, highlighting the role of the health sector.

It also seeks to show that sanitation work to improve health, once considered the exclusive domain of engineers, now requires the involvement of social scientists, behaviour change experts, health professionals, and, vitally, individual people. The health sector has a strong role to play in improving sanitation in developing countries through policy development and the implementation of sanitation programmes.

Wrote the first draft of the paper: Although linked, and often mutually supporting, these three components have different public health characteristics. Introduction and Definitions Adequate sanitation, together with good hygiene and safe water, are fundamental to good health and to social and economic development.

Improvements in one or more of these three components of good health can substantially reduce the rates of morbidity and the severity of various diseases and improve the quality of life of huge numbers of people, particularly children, in developing countries [2][3]. The Policy Forum allows health policy makers around the world to discuss challenges and opportunities for improving health care in their societies.

In the past, government agencies have typically built sanitation infrastructure, but sanitation professionals are now concentrating on helping people to improve their own sanitation and to change their behaviour.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Throughout this paper, we define sanitation as the safe disposal of human excreta [4].

Sanitation and Health

The article was jointly written by all the named authors.Nov 16,  · billion people in the world lack adequate sanitation—the safe disposal of human excreta.

Lack of sanitation contributes to about 10% of the global disease burden, causing mainly diarrhoeal diseases. In the past, government agencies have typically built sanitation infrastructure, but sanitation.

Excreta disposal Safe disposal of excreta, so that it does not contaminate the environment, water, food or hands, is essential for ensuring a healthy environment and for. June Journal of “Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection” Volume 1 Number 1 94 THE IMPACT OF EXCRETA DISPOSAL INTO LAGOS LAGOON ON THE LAGOON ECOSYSTEM AT IDDO DISCHARGE POINT IN APAPA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF LAGOS STATE NIGERIA.

Planning for excreta disposal in emergencies 1 The pressure to help people immediately after a disaster often leads to actions starting before they have been properly. A good starting point would be to better understand the impact of earthquakes on excreta disposal, supported by improved data collectionand reporting.

This would allow implementing agencies to effectively determine This paper provided insight into the impact of the Java earthquake on excreta disposal. A number of propositions were.

free essay: the impact of excreta disposal into lagos lagoon on the lagoon ecosystem at iddo discharge point in apapa local government area of lagos state.

The impact of excreta disposal into
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