The united states fight with guerrilla warfare during the vietnam war in we were soldiers a movie by

After just about four months of the campaign, the ARVN was almost defeated.

Any facility used by the guerillas -- a conference room or training area -- had almost immediate underground access. The NLF soldiers usually mingled in with the peasants, wearing same clothes, acting same way.

When the last U. Many weapons, including booby traps and mines, were homemade in villages. Since it was more difficult to do in places near cities or towns, the NLF solved this problem by constructing an enormous systems of underground tunnels.

Unlike the main troops, who saw themselves as professional soldiers, local Vietcong groups tended to be far less confident. Everywhere on the top level, there were tunnels leading upwards to hundreds of hidden firing posts for defense of the base. This map gives an idea of the extent of the tunnel system at Cu Chi--the orange lines represent major tunnels.

Tet deeply impacted American public opinion towards the war, and triggered one of the greatest anti-war movements in the U. For the most part, recruits were young teenagers, and while many were motivated by idealism, others had been pressured or shamed into joining.

What were North Vietnamese tactics?

When necessary, small regional units would unite for large scale attacks. To ensure that the guerrillas understood why they were fighting, all training courses included political instruction. They also offered secure sanctuaries for times when the war might go badly.

Long communication tunnels connected the base with other distant complexes. Punjis were often deliberately contaminated to increase the risk of infection.

The initial attacks stunned the U. They also used a range of effective Soviet and Chinese light and medium machine guns, and infrequently, heavy machine guns. By using those tunnels, the Viet Cong forces could move from place to place and remained undetected by the U.

This trail best known as the Ho Chi Minh Trail was almost 1, miles long and became the main supply of manpower and weapons to the NLF. Each villager in a NLF area had to dig three feet of tunnel a day.

There was even a standard handbook specifying how tunnels were to be built. Now, with American spotter planes everywhere, it was more vital than ever to protect them. The orders coming from NLF headquarters were absolutely clear.

The number increased considerably to 12, and 12, in and respectively. Cu Chi The base area at Cu Chi was a vast network, with nearly miles of tunnels.

Meanwhile, 20 to 30 tons of supply were moved south per day in and quickly increased to tons per day by Other needs were met inside South Vietnam. They were training grounds, logistics centers and headquarters.

Conventional Warfare Finally, the third phase of this strategy was launching massive offensives against South Vietnam.Secondly, the NLF applied guerrilla warfare all over South Vietnam. Guerilla was an unusual style of warfare using small and stealthy units to surprisingly attack the opponent.

The NLF soldiers usually mingled in with the peasants, wearing same clothes, acting same way. It was a very brutal war. The Viet cong fought the United States using very daring and gruesome guerilla warfare such as Spike pits and other booby traps, and hit and run ambush tactics and even sending human waves of soldiers at encampments.

A college located in Ohio where 4 students were shot and killed protesting the Vietnam 4 students were killed during an anti war demonstration in Where did the national guards kill four people protesting the Vietnam war. May 4, kill 4 kids by national guard.

Guerrilla warfare, which is a smaller nation or army fighting against a larger, stronger one and coming from the Spanish word meaning 'little war,' used during the Vietnam War greatly impacted the outcome, both politically and socially.

American troops were challenged by guerrilla warfare due to the methods of attack, including ambushes and soldiers disguised as civilians, the locations of battles and the type of. The Vietcong (or VC or the National Liberation Front) were the communist g uerrilla soldiers fighting to overthrow South Vietnam.

True The vietcong and guerrilla warfare True/False. Guerrilla Tactics In DecemberHo Chi Minh and the North Vietnamese leadership ordered a change in a way the war in the South was to be fought.

The united states fight with guerrilla warfare during the vietnam war in we were soldiers a movie by
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