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Globalization involves advantages and disadvantages. When a country experiences a growth in tourism there is automatically an increase in food and beverage and the hotel sector among others. Few years back, hotels were used to keep security guard in the hotel entrance but because of technological development now there is no need of security guard anymore.

There was presence of social media e. It is platform of a business where a person can access information of the business in a click. In business perspective, it is another form of communication with potential customers.

This is an area where the general accord is that people who travel regularly for both business and leisure, prefer a product that is predictable and uniform and this is where companies like IKEA have thrived.

E-procurement is one major application of extranets which is used by the Hoxton Hotel to integrate various aspects of purchasing process, added by Mr. In this assignment, the learner conducted quantitative method to evaluate the website of Hoxton Hotel.

A good website should enable a viewer to access the site smoothly. This includes finding the information as well. For a smooth interactivity it is important to have a good content for the website. It brings benefits for both the customers and the business as customers get contemporary service from the organisation where as the business receives maximum customer satisfaction.

Developed countries gain more advantages of the free trade economy than developing countries.

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Those devices are portable and customer can use them from anyplace whenever they want. Because of fast development in Information and Communication Technology ICT sector, the distribution channel has become even better and ICT shifts the power stability of tourism distribution channels.

Tourism and Hospitality

A number of hospitality organizations are looking for ways to form such affiliations in order to gain entry into markets that are new to them. Pettinger, The regulations about the environment in developing countries can be different, and might be less strict, compared to developed countries.

Challenges for developing countries. Moreover, ICT not only allows the customers to purchase modified tourism and hospitality product but also helping the suppliers by extending, managing and allocating the products without any time boundary and geographical restrictions to help the globalisation. Global membership and participation.

Companies such as IKEA think globally and have managed project their brand in a global market while maintaining their Swedish identity. It marked web 2.This free Hospitality and tourism essay on Essay: Globalization in the hospitality industry is perfect for Hospitality and tourism students to use as an example.

The hospitality industry is one of the main industries in this world and this is the relationship between guest and host. Hospitality also. Essay on Leadership in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry - The tourism and hospitality industry is broad and covers travel, accommodation, foodservice, conferences, and leisure and recreation.

This report focuses on the passenger airline sector, the hotel sector and the fast-food sector of the industry. E-tourism or electronic tourism is a part of electronic trade which involves with various technologies including information and communication sector, marketing sector, strategic planning and so forth (Waghmode and Jamsandekar, ).

Buhalis (), mentioned, e-tourism is nothing but the digitisation of processes and value chains in travel, tourism, catering and hospitality industry. Sep 29,  · Essay on Hospitality Industry. Current Skill Gaps in the Hospitality Industry.

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Overview of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry Essay. Words | 10 Pages. of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry Introduction to Hospitality – HTM In the following paper, I will determine the challenges involved in managing restaurant operations that.

The hospitality industry is a cluster of fields within the overall service sector that includes lodging, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry.

Hotels and restaurants would be the key focus of the article revolving around the phenomenon of the liberalization, the.

Tourism and hospitality industry essay
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